Some ideas for pageant themes involve fairy tale, film or book characters. Pageants can also be themed around special events such as birthdays, awards shows or holidays. These themes tend to be successful because they ar... More »

Good charade themes vary widely and depend on who is playing. Adult themes include television characters, movies and celebrities both old and current. Child themes include cartoons, books or even homework-related subject... More »

A good theme is one that encompasses the purpose of the conference, its activities and its speakers. For example, a good theme for a banking conference may be "Bank on Us," while a good theme for an engineering conferenc... More »

After cutting the appropriate length of wide satin ribbon, which is about 72 inches, sew on narrow trim ribbon lengthwise along both edges and then apply the appropriate iron-on letters running down the sash. The width, ... More » Beauty & Fashion and sell wholesale pageant crowns. Wholesale Crowns also sells sashes, decals and trophies. In addition to crowns, sells a variety of tiaras, jewelry and other accesso... More » Beauty & Fashion

To make a beauty pageant sash, purchase a length of wide ribbon appropriate for the size of the girl wearing the sash. Sew the ribbon on an angle so it curves nicely around the body, and add a trim if desired. Try it on ... More »

To make fabric sashes for a beauty pageant, sew two strips of satin together, add trim ribbon, and iron heat-transfer letters to the front of the sash. This project takes about an hour and requires sewing scissors, a sew... More » Beauty & Fashion