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Some good crab bisque recipes include Taste of Home's crab bisque, the Food Network's Dungeness crab bisque and Food and Wine's spicy crab bisque. Other good recipes include Simply Recipe's crab bisque and BBC Good Food Cornish crab bisque with lemony croutons.


Williams-Sonoma offers a recipe for crab bisque on their website. The recipe calls for ingredients including but not limited to butter, shallots, fish stock, heavy cream and lump crab meat.


An easy shrimp bisque recipe involves sauteing garlic and onions and mixing several ingredients in water brought alternately to a boil or simmer in about 30 minutes. This rich, creamy soup can be a simple meal or a welcome addition to a special occasion.


There are a few variations of tomato bisque recipes, including one that calls for roasting the vegetables first for a richer, smokier flavor and a lighter version topped with basil. Tomato bisque is a homey treat when it's chilly outside.


A bisque is a thick, rich, creamy soup usually made with shellfish. Creamy soup made from fruits, vegetables or fungi may also be referred to as bisque.


Find easy lobster bisque recipes at RachaelRay.com and FoodNetwork.com. There is another quick recipe at Mr. Food Test Kitchen that uses already made cans of lobster bisque, fresh or frozen seafood and sherry.


Make Sweet and Chunky Tomato Bisque by combining bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, chicken broth and sugar in a saucepan, boiling the mixture until the tomatoes are soft. Heat milk and cornstarch in a separate pan, then add to half the vegetable mixture. Cook over a medium heat, pureeing the remaining


Not all restaurants publish their signature recipes, but some available hotel recipes for lobster bisque include ones by Michael Caines, the Ritz-Carlton and, as of 2014, the famous Hotel Atlantic. The Hotel Atlantic is credited with being the original recipe, but there are many similarities among t


To make a fresh crab salad, gently combine 1 pound of cleaned jumbo lump crab meat with 4 teaspoons of sliced fresh chives in a bowl. Fold in a stalk of finely diced celery and 1 teaspoon of minced fresh tarragon leaves. Mix lightly until the ingredients are just blended.


Good crab dip recipes include hot crab dip and warm Mexican crab dip. Both call for 1 pound of crab meat. Pick the shells out of the crab meat before including it in the dip.