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Funny quotes from famous people on human emotions and foibles offer thought-provoking sentiments in just a few pithy words. ... It is amazing how some people know when and how to be funny. Perhaps it is their sparkling wit, casual demeanor, or caustic remarks that made them famously funny. Or perhaps, it's the subjects they chose to comment upon.


Share the best funny quotes collection by famous authors and comedians. Join the fun with our Funny Quote of the Day on the web, Facebook and blogs. "To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone."


Access 444 of the most funny quotes today. You'll find some lines on friends, family, love. Others are short, self-deprecating, twisted and quirky. Authors include Jim Carrey, Kevin Hart, Woody Allen, Tina Fey, etc. You'll even discover some words about women, men, having fun (and some have great images).


I n this posting you will find my selection of the very best 60 quotes, from nearly a decade of collecting them. They range from the profound to the intriguing to the just plain funny. One way or the other, you’ll surely find many of them to be thought-provoking and entertaining.


Below are some of the best witty funny quotes by famous people to make you laugh, enjoy : ). Read it. 20 Witty Funny Quotes By Famous People To Make You Laugh. Below are some of the best witty funny quotes by famous people to make you laugh, enjoy : ) ... Here we collected some quotes that will make you laugh hard.


Funny quotes are great for bringing a bit of humor into our lives. They help to lighten the mood, they're excellent for breaking the ice, and of co...


Herewith, we’ve collected the most uproarious, sidesplittingly funny movie quotes to grace the silver screen. And for more Hollywood hilarity, check out the 30 Funniest Movie Characters of All Time.


Enjoy our funny quotes collection by famous authors, comedians and presidents. Best funny quotes selected by thousands of our users! ... This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak. Alan Dundes. Inspirational, Christmas, ... Funny quotes by: Oscar Wilde Writer. Groucho Marx Comedian. George Carlin Comedian.


Some people may remember the funny quotes, some the meaningful ones but there are famous movie quotes that everyone knows . . . I find it amazing how many times a day I hear colleagues and friends using famous movie quotes when chatting or usually to make a point.


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