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The X-ray fish is a micro predator, i.e., it preys on various tiny invertebrates, including worms, tiny crustaceans, and insects. Mirroring the adult feeding habits, the fry of the X-ray fish usually feed on insect larvae. It also sometimes eats aquatic plants, but the majority of its diet is made up by prey.


Facts About X-RAY FISH. July 15, 2012, Haripriya M, 1 Comment. X-ray fish. Fact 1: The X-ray fish is scientifically called Pristella maxillaris.. Fact 2: The X-ray fish are considered as non-aggressive and gregarious.They reach the size of two to three inches. Fact 3: X-ray fish are found in calm, coastal waters as well as in dense, vegetated swamps.


Amazing Facts About the X-Ray Tetra. The X-Ray Tetra is also known as the Golden Pristella Tetra and the Water Goldfinch due to the faint golden colouration of their translucent skin. This fish has a bony internal structure known as the Weberian apparatus, which is used in picking up sound waves, and contributes to their acute sense of hearing.


The Latin name of the X-Ray Fish is "Pristella Maxillaris." These fish are usually clear fish (but are also sometimes silver and yellow) and reach two to three inches in size. It is suggested that aquarium owners purchase dark backgrounds and gravel to display the appearance of the fish.


X-Ray Tetra Interesting Facts and Features The Weberian apparatus (the bony structure) in the X-Ray Tetra's body works by transmitting sound waves through their vertebrate, that have been received by the swim bladder and are then taken to the inner ear, meaning that the X-Ray Tetra has excellent hearing.


Today I want to write about a tough little fish with very strange skin, the X-Ray tetra. Here are five interesting facts about them: These tiny little fish grow to about 5 cm long. X-Ray tetras get their name from their see-through skin that shows their bones. You can also see the eggs inside a…


Here are some fun facts about the X-Ray Fish: X-Ray fish can hear very well thanks to the sensitive Weberian apparatus in it’s body. X-Ray fish adapt well; they can live in both fresh water and salt water. The translucent skin of the X-Ray fish also helps us see the female’s eggs inside her body.


‘X-ray tetras’ are also known as ‘x-ray fish’, ‘water goldfinch’ and ‘golden pristella tetra’. The scientific name of an x-ray tetra is Pristella maxillaris, from the family Characidae, the family of characids, and it is the only species of its genus.


Animal Fish X-Ray Tetra Information, Facts, Pictures and Puzzles (Image Information for Kids) Check out the Official Skyenimals. » Animals - Alphabetical Animals ... X-Ray Tetra Facts & Trivia for kids The X-Ray Tetra is called that because of its highly transparent body.