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What Are Some Facts About Lyon, France? Lyon is the third largest French city and the capital of Rhone-Alpes. Known for its cultural elegance, this historical city is listed as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.


It used to be the capital of France, when it was part of the Roman empire. Later it became very well known for the creations of products made of silk. Today it is considered the enogastronomic capital of France: many famous chefs have their restau...


Lyon is the third-largest city in France. Lyon (sometimes Lyons in English) is situated at the point where the turbulent Rhône River from the Alps and the slower-moving Saône River from Burgundy unite to flow south to the Mediterranean Sea in a lowland corridor between the Alps and the Massif Central.


As a city with over 2000 years of history, it’s no wonder Lyon hides a multitude of secrets. Whether you live here, plan to move here or are just passing through, read these 8 facts you didn’t know about Lyon to discover why France’s 2nd city is one of the most compelling on the continent…. 1.


Facts about Lyon tell the readers about a city located in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of France. It is located 199 miles or 320 kilometer from Marseille and 292 miles or 470 kilometer from Paris. Use the term ‘Lyonnais’ to call the residents of Lyon.


Interesting Facts about Lyon. The facts about: Lyon Country: France Lyon by the Numbers: Population: 445,452 Elevation: 659 feet Average Annual Precipitation: 30.5 inches Average January Temperature: 38 degrees F Average July Temperature: 71 degrees F Quick Facts: Major Industries: tourism, silk, textiles, chemicals, machinery, printing ...


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In the East Central region of France stands the magnificent city of Lyon. With a population of over 484,000, it is the capital of the Rhones-Alps region. It is an ideal destination for travel because it presents a variety of interesting landmarks, beautiful places and delicious cuisine. Here are some fun facts to get your travel plans to Lyon ...


Lyon sees itself as the centre of the French resistance and many members were shot in Place Bellecour in the town centre. The exhibition is largely a series of mini-biographies of those involved. The unusual project Lyon Dubai City, a reproduction of some districts of Lyon in Dubai, is a major point for tourism in Lyon.


…the city and region of Lyon in central France. Lyon was also a principal fair town, where goods of northern and southern Europe were exchanged. It was ideally placed to obtain silk cocoons or thread from the south and to market the finished cloth to northern purchasers.