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The most expensive/valuable Beanie Baby by far is a first-edition Princess Diana Beanie Baby. There are several on eBay, many listed in the six-figure range.


Although the Beanie Babies bubble eventually burst, some consumers still enjoy adding Beanie Babies to their collection. Many Beanie Babies collectors are interested in acquiring 'first edition' collectibles, and those that have any sort of unique identifying features, such as a misspelled tag, are generally considered more valuable.


While some Beanie Babies will go for less than $100, some truly exceptional ones will fetch an awe-inspiring price. Ideally, the most expensive Beanie Bears are hard to find, and those that are available for sale are steadily increasing in value. If you are an ardent Beanie Babies collector, then these five stuffed animals are what to look for.


Because of its rarity, the Princess the Bear Beanie baby model is considered to be the most expensive and valuable Beanie Baby, with some going for almost $500,000 US dollars on eBay in 2017.


This Beanie Baby is at 3 rd place in this list of most expensive beanie babies. 02 – Peanut the Elephant (Price: $5000) Peanut, in color of royal blue, is among the most precious Beanie Babies that a collector may well hope to encounter. Peanut the Elephant arrived in several dissimilar colors, including powder blue, purple and a gray.


It is one of the first Beanie Babies Ty ever produced and one of the first to be retired. Peanut is an elephant that comes in gray, purple, light blue and deep royal blue. The royal blue Peanut is the most valuable. The Beanie Babies Price Guide lists it as one of the rarest, most sought-after Beanie Babies.


Employee Bear (Green or Red Ribbon) Value: $2,000-$3,000. Source for list and prices: Zac Bissonnette


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Ty Warner used the popularity of Beanie Babies to help commemorate the Princess by releasing a beautiful purple bear with an English rose embroidered on its chest. The proceeds of this beanie went to Diana’s memorial fund. Princess has long been considered the most valuable Beanie Baby in existence, though that is heavily debated.