The most famous example of a caste system is the Hindu caste system of ancient India, with Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka having similarly structured systems. Nepalese castes are directly derived from the Hindu castes fou... More »

Inventory systems, used by businesses, include a tag system, point-of-sale system, bar code scanning, and radio frequency identification. Businesses choose one of these inventory systems, based upon the size of inventory... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Managing a Business

Bartering involves exchanging goods or services for other goods and services without involving money. For example, a store owner giving a contractor store credit in exchange for carpentry work is an example of bartering.... More »

While there are not really any official caste systems still in place, India is a good example of a country that still endures the legacy of a caste system. Certain minority groups in India, such as the Dalits in Bangalor... More »

India's caste system is believed to have originated with the Aryan invasion in the first millennium B.C. and has been a part of Hindu culture ever since, according to Faithology. The caste system has four parts--Brahmins... More »

It is disputed that the Aryans created the caste system in India. A division of labor is believed to have already existed in India when the Indo-European or lighter-skinned conquerors moved into the area. More »

The caste system in India began about 100 B.C. when a holy text explicitly forbade intermarriages across the four classes of people living in India at the time. Occupational restrictions and forbidden intermarriages, whi... More »