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Examples of Discrimination in the Workplace. Some examples of discrimination in the workplace include when an employer, supervisor, or co-worker treats another employee unfairly based on religion, age, ethnicity, gender, disability, skin color, or race. This goes beyond workplace behavior to also encompass hiring and firing practices.


Examples of discrimination in a workplace include age, religious, sex and racial discrimination. Employees are protected under the law against discrimination during recruitment, training, employment or dismissal.


What is workplace discrimination, and what constitutes discrimination against employees or job applicants? Employment discrimination happens when an employee or job applicant is treated unfavorably because of his or her race, skin color, national origin, gender, disability, religion, or age.


Examples of Workplace Discrimination. Discrimination may be intentional or unintentional, direct or indirect. Discrimination can come in the form of jokes and offhand comments that seem harmless to or even go unnoticed by the perpetrator. The below examples show some of the different ways in which discrimination can occur in the workplace ...


The EEOC oversees compliance with anti-discrimination laws. Many state employment agencies are able to provide information to both employers and employees, and guide them in reporting workplace discrimination. Legal Consequences of Discrimination in the Workplace. Workplace discrimination affects everyone involved, both employer and employee.


Examples of Religious Discrimination in the Workplace: Additional Resources. After reading this article, you may have a number of different questions or concerns. Not to worry. FindLaw can help you continue your research. Click on the links below to learn more about religion and the law. Federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act Overview


Recognizing signs of race discrimination in the workplace is the first step in taking action to stop the behavior. But what, exactly, does racial discrimination look like? What specific behaviors are considered race discrimination? Let's take a look at some examples. Racial discrimination may include:


The Age Discrimination Employment Act (ADEA) was enacted in 1967 prohibiting employment discrimination against persons 40 years of age or older. Here are some examples of age discrimination and what you can do to protect your rights as an employee. Examples of Age Discrimination in the Workplace. Not Hiring Due to Age


In some cases, there is a mixture of unwelcome conduct (both verbal and physical) and harassers (supervisors, co-workers and others) that ultimately creates a discriminatory environment for an employee. Each case of workplace harassment is unique and whether it rises to a level of illegal discrimination is based on the specific facts of the case.


Some drivers say it is a great chance to be independent and earn extra cash on their own schedule. But others, including some drivers, say it is exploitation of older people who work as independent contractors, without any benefits, because their age means they have a harder time finding full-time employment.” See Open Jobs. 4.