Examples of animals that hop are kangaroos, wallabies, wallaroos, kultarrs, rabbits and hares, potoroos, Verreaux's sifaka and jerboas. Some species of birds, including sparrows and bluejays, also hop. More »

All herbivorous animals are interdependent with pollinating animals, as the former keep plant growth under control and the latter spreads that growth. There are many interdependent animals, but a common example is the re... More »

Forests, grasslands and desert environments are all examples of terrestrial animal habitats. Aquatic and marine habitats include lakes, ponds and oceans. Animal habitats are also defined by physical factors including soi... More »

Some animals that are native to Madagascar include the fossa, dancing sifaka and giraffe weevil. Madagascar is also home to many types of lemurs, including the tiny tot and red ruffed lemur. More »

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Examples of animals on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's Red List of endangered species that live in rainforests include the giant panda, the great green macaw and the yellow-crested cockatoo, as of 20... More »

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Examples of animals that migrate include butterflies, land animals, birds and whales. Animals migrate for a wide variety of reasons, such finding food as the weather changes or mating in specific locations year after yea... More »

Cheetahs naturally prey on the young of larger animals, small antelopes, hares, rabbits and game birds. These adept predators utilize their tremendous speed and keen eyesight to chase down their prey. More »

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