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Home remedies for coughing include increasing fluid intake to moisten mucus membranes, taking steamy showers to loosen congestion and drinking warm liquids, such as hot water with honey, to relieve throat irritation, explains WebMD. Running a humidifier in the home can ...


Good home remedies for coughing include eating honey, pineapples and dairy products as well as drinking peppermint or thyme tea, states Healthline. Marshmallow leaves and roots can also alleviate coughing. The problem may result from sinus infections or allergies, so in...


Some home remedies to treat a dry cough include staying hydrated, drinking tea with honey and taking a hot shower, according to WebMD. Other home remedies include removing irritants from the air, such as air freshener and taking over-the-counter medications.


Home remedies for dog cough include honey, probiotics, cough syrup and cinnamon, according to The Doggington Post. These remedies work as antibacterial and antiviral agents, offer immune system support and soothe sore throats.


Home remedies for a chronic cough include quitting smoking and avoiding substances that trigger nasal allergies, states Mayo Clinic. Eating smaller portions several times a day may aid in counteracting a chronic cough that results from acid reflux.


Effective home cough remedies include hydration, hot drinks, use of a humidifier, hot showers and removal of irritants, notes WebMD. Over- the-counter medications, such as decongestants and cough suppressants, are also helpful when the cough persists after trying the ot...


Honey is a good home remedy for a cough, according to Healthline. Honey, which has a soothing effect, added to herbal tea or to a mixture of hot water and lemon juice — known for its decongestant properties — is a simple and effective treatment for a cough.