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I combine seven easy ingredients for this salmon patty recipe. When I was a girl growing up on the farm, my mom often fixed these when we were late in the field. These salmon cakes are also tasty with chopped green peppers added to the mixture. —Bonnie Evans, Cameron, North Carolina


These Salmon Patties (aka salmon cakes) are tender and flaky on the inside, golden and crispy on the outside. Made quick and easy with delicious canned salmon and fresh herbs for an easy weeknight dinner option, this salmon patty recipe will knock your socks off!


Outstanding! I’ve tried a few versions of salmon patties/salmon cakes including oven baked versions that did not compare to this. I followed this recipe using cooked fresh salmon, and added some chopped roasted red pepper from jar and a teaspoon of lemon zest to the mix.


I can’t think about seafood without thinking of our Alaskan cruise and of course it has inspired me to create some more yummy seafood recipes for you guys to try. So, let’s get these salmon patties on your table! How To Make Salmon Patties. It doesn’t take long to make these little patties of joy.


Drain and reserve liquid from salmon. Mix egg, onion, bread crumbs and salmon together. Make into patties. If mixture is too dry to form into patties, add reserved liquid from salmon. In a frying pan, heat olive oil. Place patties in pan. Brown on each side, turning gently. Drain on paper towels and serve.


Salmon Patties – quick to prepare, golden and crispy on the outside, moist and savoury on the inside with lovely big flakes of salmon! A very easy salmon cakes recipe that can be made with either canned salmon OR fresh salmon.


We LOVE these patties. They're the perfect way to upgrade a simple can of salmon. They're just as delicious served on a bed of greens as they are between a bun! Read on for more helpful tips to ...


Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, this Easy Salmon Cakes recipe is quick and simple. A fantastic weeknight dinner, leisurely lunch or casual brunch dish that’s easy to dress up or down. The Lemon Dill Sauce takes it over the top! It seems like old man winter is hanging on with a death ...


Easy Salmon Cakes. Simple salmon cakes with fresh dill and green onions fry up golden brown. ... Maybe some viewers did not realize that only 2/3 cup of the bread crumbs is mixed in with the salmon in the recipe. ... 8 7/23/2004. My husband really liked these - he's a big fan of salmon cakes and I've never had a recipe to make them. I'll make ...


Salmon Patties, made from wild caught canned salmon, are an easy to make dinner time favorite in our house and are the best salmon cake recipe ever! SALMON PATTY RECIPE. Pin it to your DINNER BOARD to SAVE it for later! Follow Self Proclaimed Foodie on Pinterest for more great recipes! Salmon Patties are hands down my family’s favorite dinner ...