Desert plants include cactus, unicorn plant, desert lily, western peppergrass, turtleback, paperflower, century plant, blue palo verde, desert mariposa tulip, desert sand verbena, sagebrush, creosote bush and pale trumpe... More »

The names of some common desert plants include agave, cactus, yucca and mesquite. These plants have evolved ways to survive the scarcity of water that is a feature of life in the desert. More »

Tips for growing desert rose plants differ from summer to winter. During the summer season, the plant requires full sunlight, daily watering and regular fertilization. In the winter, the plant requires infrequent waterin... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes Outdoor Plants & Flowers

As a tropical plant native to South America, angel trumpets can only survive the winter outdoors in areas south of the United States Department of Agriculture's hardiness Zone 9, which covers most of the American South a... More »

Tulip bulbs multiply on their own if the plants are maintained correctly during the growing season. Some gardeners choose to dig up their bulbs each year, but this method leaves multiplied bulbs in the ground for new gro... More »

Desert soil is generally composed of sand, gravel and small rock, with very little humus, the organic material found in soil. The aridity of the desert plays a major determining factor in the amount of humus in the soil. More »

Desert animals mostly feed on plants, insects, carcasses and other animals. Smaller animals tend to thrive in the desert as compared to those that are larger in size. This is because food and water in the desert is scarc... More »