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Some common last names for Native Americans are Begay, Yazzie, Locklear, Garcia and Martinez. A few other commonly used American Indian names are Hunt, Wilson, Tsosie, Smith and Oxendine. Many common Native American last names correspond with a specific tribe and its history.


The following is a list of the most common surnames for people who self-identified as "American Indians and Alaskan Natives" in America during the 2000 Census [updated data].The data is derived from the U.S. Bureau of the Census.


Common Cherokee surnames include Rogers, Starr, McDaniel, Lowrey, Gunter, Hicks, Kingfisher, Vann, Ward, Adair, Crittenden, Cornsilk, Sizemore and Smith. Some Cherokee surnames have English, Scots-Irish and Scottish origins. The Cherokee are a Native American people who settled primarily in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Tennesee.


If you are interested in such names among aboriginal peoples of Canada, a few that come to mind are, followed by the name of the people: Obomsawin (or Obonsawin): Abenaki Metallic: Micmac Montour, Cree, Gabriel: Mohawk Akiwenzie, Odjig: Ojibwe/Oda...


70 Most Common Indian Last Names And Their Meanings Indian last names have distinctive meanings just like any other name in the world, at least this article confirms that. The Indian people who are originally from the Asian continent, have their unique cultural practices and religion.


6.7 Other surnames from Southwest American First Nations Tribes Native American (Amerindian) girls' names [ edit ] Using these names remember to match the name with the proper tribe, or you could wind up with something like Sophie Echevarria-- Some names come from the boarding school period and tend to be Bible names.


Below we have compiled a list of most common Indian last names to bring things to your perspective. Read on! 100 Most Popular Indian Last Names: 1. Acharya: Acharya is the Brahman Hindu surname. The surname comes from Sanskrit word ‘acarya’. The term is also applied as a title for a man of learning.


Native American Genealogy. Many people have family stories of Native American ancestry. The "Indian Princess" story is the most common. Also, people want to research their Native American ancestry because either they or some family member "looks Indian".


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People in America Series: Number of American Indians in the United States Some ancestries are general may encompass several ancestries not listed separately (i.e., African American, White). NS Not statistically different from zero at the 90-percent confidence level.