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Some common household bugs are ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas and termites. Reduce the likelihood of bug infestations in the home by storing all food, taking out trash and quickly recycling all old newspaper and cardboard.


This is a list of common household pests – undesired animals that have a history of living, invading, causing damage, eating human foods, acting as disease vectors or causing other harms in human habitation.


Pest Library Research a pest. Learn how to identify common pests; understand their biology, diet, and habits; and find out what you can do to control them. ... You're not alone if you've had a close encounter with pests and need some answers, just ask orkin. Or, search hundreds of questions from people just like you. ... Visit our dictionary of ...


Get to know your bug bunkmates: WebMD introduces you to the critters that share you home with you, from ants, roaches, and beetle to spiders and more.


Learn about the different types of bugs that may enter your home by reading our glossary of common pests below. There are dozens of household bugs that will try and make your home - their home. Here are some of the types of bugs you may encounter and what to know about them.


Household pests differ by region - what's common in one area may not be so common in another region of the country - but the following pests represent the vast majority of questions I get. Ants feeding at a home-made bait station of a drop of liquid bait on waxed paper.


Pest Identification Resources: Identify Common Household Pests: use our pest resources section to identify pests you may find around the home, or research a possible prest problem.Each section provides descriptive facts and identification data.


Curious about the existence of bed bugs? The identification of insects and other pests can be tricky. That's why PestWorld has developed robust pest and insect identification guides to serve as a handy bug identifier. Determine what insects, rodents or birds are pestering you, and learn how to prevent an infestation, by using our Pest Guide.


No matter how clean you keep your home, you’ll probably have a run-in with a household pest at some point. Some can endanger your health (or your sanity). And other pests can do lasting damage ...


We Know About Pests, You Can Too. At Orkin Canada, we know pests. We know how to identify them, how best to treat an infestation, and how to prevent them from coming back. Explore our pest library to find out how to identify pests, what attracts them to your property, how serious an infestation can be, and how to stop them from returning.