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Some common Romany Gypsy last names include Cooper, Smith, Lee, Boswell, Lovell, Doe, Wood, Young and Heron. Some others include Shaw, Gray and Draper. Some names may appear as variations, such as Lea or Leigh instead of Lee, Shore instead of Shaw and Grey instead of Gray. It is important to note that these last names do not indicate that the ...


What Are Some Common Gypsy Surnames? Cooper and Smith are two surnames common among Romany people, formerly known as "Gypsies." Other names common in this group are not always derived from professions.


People from Gypsy or Traveller backgrounds have the advantage of possessing some striking first names: Vanslow, Shady, Hezekkiah and Kadilila. British Gypsies also share some common surnames such as Boswell, Buckland, Codona, Lee, Gray (or Grey), Holland, Smith, Young and Hearn. Thanks to a decade of development on the web, names such as these ...


Many Jewish surnames became anglicized by transliteration or translation when families arrived in England or North America, for example David to Davis, Levi to Levin, Lucas or Lewis. Those who had only been previously known by a patronymic such as Levi ben David or Miriam bat Solomon chose a name under which they would be known in their new country. Generally, Jews had lived comfortably with ...


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Gypsy Surnames, Romani Surnames ... or indeed into Gypsy of any kind; a cooper, according to the common acceptation of the word, is one who makes pails, tubs, and barrels, but there are no words in Gypsy for such vessels. The ... but there is some resemblance in sound between Lee and leek, and it is probable that the ...


“Certain surnames are often found amongst the gypsy travelling families,” says Dianne Sutton, from the Romany and Traveller Family History Society. “The Boswells were a fairly famous Romany ...


I'm curious as to whether anyone has a list or knows of any common Gypsy or Romani surnames from Poland, specifically Begitka Carpathian Roma. Thank you for any information. I'm curious as to whether anyone has a list or knows of any common Gypsy or Romani surnames from Poland, specifically Bergitka Carpathian Roma. Thank you for any information.


Gypsies are featured in operas, novels and historical stories. In recent years, one of the most popular developments in baby naming is to choose a gypsy name. According to some, there are two primary groups of gypsies. Romany gypsies are believed to come from the Indian subcontinent, and they live in America and Europe. Irish […]


These surnames with matrilineal roots are common in the historical region of Moldova. The most common surnames are Pop / Popa ("the priest"). Nearly 200,000 Romanians have this surname. Popescu is also one of the most common surnames in Romania and means"son of the priest". Nearly 150,000 Romanians have this last name. Most Common Romanian Surnames