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What Are Some Common Airbag Sensor Locations? Most airbag crash sensors are located in the front of the vehicle. Domestic vehicles typically have between one and three sensors located in the crush zones at the front of the automobile.


We replace the front impact sensor for the supplemental restraint system on the Silverado. It's pretty common for this part to fail, the good thing is they're pretty easy to change out. Parts used ...


Because an airbag is no good unless it springs into action instantly once a crash occurs, airbag sensors must be able to deploy the airbag quickly. The location of airbag sensors on a vehicle is important as this will determine the airbag's reaction time.


"Airbag service" 2008 GMC Sierra 1500. Replacing left and right front air bag sensors for a fraction of the cost of GM service and parts costs. Dorman "Front Impact Sensor"s.


Where Is the Air Bag Sensor Location in a Vehicle? Although the location of airbag sensors may vary according to the model of the car, most cars have airbag sensors on the dashboard and along the side of the vehicle.


Why is My Airbag Light On? Top 3 of the Most Common Causes. ... Why is my airbag light on? It could indicate the difference between life and death in case your car is involved in a car accident. Many drivers don’t put any effort to explore why a dashboard light is on. ... Your airbag system consists of some sensors, a computer module that ...


The airbag control module is also known as the airbag sensor, diagnostic unit, computer module, 591 and other names. They are mounted in different locations throughout the vehicle. Some common places are under the driver and passenger seat, center console, kick panel, under radios and behind the steering column.


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How To Fix Your Airbag Light Without Having It Blow Up In Your Face. ... but this represents a common case of why airbag lights may be illuminated. ... Some airbag problems require professional ...


B1942 is a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) for "Airbag Crash Sensor #2 Feed/Return Circuit Open". This can happen for multiple reasons and a mechanic needs to diagnose the specific cause for this code to be triggered in your situation.