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Poems about Christmas for Family and Friends. In today's world we are inundated with images of Christmas from the media. We are told that it is all about buying expensive gifts for each other. In today's challenging economic times it is a tragedy that parents spend way more than they can afford to try to please their children.


Christmas Poems. Above are examples of all types of beautiful poems about Christmas including funny, Santa Clause, Jesus, and inspirational religious poems. Share and read jolly poetry about the Yuletide season. While it is supposed to be a happy Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, it is much more.


What Are Some Christmas Poems? Some famous Christmas poems are "Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas" by Clement Clarke Moore, "Journey of the Magi" by T.S. Eliot and "The Oxen" by Thomas Hardy. The first poem discusses Santa Claus, while the others discuss Jesus' birth.


We are providing short christmas poems, famous christmas poems about jesus, famous christmas poems and many more. These Christmas poems and poetry have been submitted by various users of this site, and truly reflect the spirit of the festival. Read them, enjoy them, they are here for you.


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Christmas poems written by famous poets. Browse through to read poems for christmas. This page has the widest range of christmas love and quotes.


Christmas is a day to make fun and enjoy it. When it comes, some people look confused and don’t know how to make it full of laughter. To entertain all the family members and friends in the parties, you can share some humorous poems, short funny Christmas poems 2019 and some more silly jokes that make all other laugh and create a friendly environment.


Christina Georgina Rossetti (5 December 1830 – 29 December 1894) was an English poet who wrote a variety of romantic, devotional, and children’s poems. Her Christmas poem “In the Bleak Midwinter” became widely known after her death when set as a Christmas carol first by Gustav Holst, and then by Harold Darke: in this setting it was ...


Christmas poems should talk of life, love and celebration. They should inspire, touch or soothe. Some poems have such a lingering effect that they continue to mesmerize through the New Year. These quotes have been extracted from seven favorite Christmas poems. You will recognize most of them as Christmas carols.


The pine tree stands majestic and proud, All heavy laden in Winter's white shroud. The snow clinging and hugging each limb, As beneath carolers sing a Christmas hymn. Outside the warmth of that old country house, The cold air echoes the call of a grouse. To the smell of chimney smoke add the sight, Of the warm glow from window's light; And there's no question, no question at all, Chris...