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Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence newsletter claims that the USD will be replaced as the standard currency of the world.. Those are some incredible claims by Jim Rickards but is that really true?. If you’re ooking for Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence reviews then you have come to the right place!. I’ve been taking a closer look at Jim Rickards newsletter in detail.


Aftermath: Seven Secrets of Wealth Preservation in the Coming Chaos [James Rickards] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In his most prescriptive book to date, financial expert and investment advisor James Rickards shows how and why our financial markets are being artificially inflated--and what smart investors can do to protect their assets</b> What goes up


James G. Rickards is an American lawyer, speaker, gold speculator, media commentator, author on matters of finance and precious metals expert. He is the author of Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis (2011) and four other books.


Five Books Jim Rickards Recommends You Read Right Now. We begin today’s reckoning with a bold statement: A list of must-reads from Jim Rickards is to investors what the latest mushy title added ...


While Jim Rickards has some fantastic books and observations, the Marketing group Angora is basically a scam. For the subscriptions, they only send more "offers to buy" they do not provide any useful trading information as my dozen other financial newsletters provide.


This gives you some indication of Jim Rickards' lack of connection with anything remotely resembling economic knowledge. Rickards' book hints that he, unlike the well-meaning but out-of-touch Hayek, has access to insights available to up-to-date economists with access to "new instruments, network theory, and cellular automata."


The Road to Ruin: The Global Elites' Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis James Rickards, entertains his audience as he explains complex layers of our economy and markets, with easy to follow and understanding stories, that keep you forging ahead to the next page. My favorite are his current, up-to-date investment recommendations.


I just received an email from Jim Rickards saying he wants to give me the book for free. He’s only asking for my address so that he could send it to me. I googled it guessing I would see a scam where they would want a ridiculously high shipping and handling fee. Instead I find this site that seems to be taking his books and ideas very personal.


James G. Rickards is the editor of Strategic Intelligence. He is an American lawyer, economist, and investment banker with 35 years of experience working in capital markets on Wall Street.


Summary: Jim Rickards has the ability to delve into complex topics in a way that most of us without an academic background in macro economics can easily understand. In the interview above Jim provides us with some interesting tidbits.