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Karate can be translated to “empty hand.” There are many styles of Karate from traditional, to modern, western styles known usually as American Freestyle Karate, and Full-Contact Karate (Sport Karate), but many of the basic techniques are the same. Some of the more popular styles are:


How to Teach Yourself the Basics of Karate. The philosophy behind karate is vast and complex. It stems from thousands of years of armed and unarmed combat. Techniques that were perfected hundreds of years ago are still being perfected over...


沖縄伝統空手Okinawa Traditional Karate Channel 2,204,697 views 10:41 Shotokan Karate Follow Along Class - 9th Kyu White Belt - Class #1 - Duration: 30:30.


Basic Karate Moves Kihon Waza in Japanese, are the building blocks of all Karate techniques. From novice right through to master, Karate’s most important element and key to superior technique is to practice the basics.


Today I'm going to do a few different self-defense moves. Obviously with self-defense the variables are tremendous so the first one will be a simple take down and a submission. The others will be ...


All complicated moves and tricks are taught later. Without the knowledge of some basic techniques, the individual cannot progress on to advanced methods. Karate is a form of martial arts that was developed in Japan, and makes use of various techniques of punching, kicking, locking, grappling, throwing, and blocking.


Competition karate is centred on balance, grace and self-discipline, rather than straightforward punching and kicking. Here’s some important moves you’ll want to know about. Key karate techniques. Karate training demands great concentration and poise to progress beyond the very basic karate techniques.


There are some Basic Karate Moves you have to learn when you first get into Karate. You have to know the basics before you can progress in this martial art. These moves are the foundations for the rest of what you will learn along the way.


Later you realize that they are two to three people engulfing you and want to attack for any reason. Either you should have your hands up and let them dictate the terms or teach them lesson that they remember for ages by using some basic Karate moves. Some people think that learning Karate means learning how to fight.


Some styles prefer fighting on the ground while others like to remain standing. In a real fight, it is often the simplest martial arts moves that quickly get the job done. Four basic martial arts moves that are found in several styles are the forearm block, roundhouse kick, palm-heel strike and front-elbow strike.