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Car turbo kits are widely available, and many people can install one in their car if they have the right tools and knowledge. This document aims to educate readers on how to install a turbo in a car. Installing a car turbo doesn’t require any formal education, but a basic knowledge of cars will help.


Turbo Kit Installation Instructions *NOTE: this kit is not intended for novices or anyone who does not have any previous turbocharging experience. Turbochargers are very powerful devices with high risk involved. Improper installation can lead to serious engine damage. Possibilities of failure exist from oil leaks, detonation, over-revving the ...


Follow along boys and girls as we install one of our Evo X top mount turbo kit systems! More info and pricing on this kit can be found here: http://tinyurl.c...


Installation Instructions ... 3.Turbo Kit Mounting 3-1 Oil return tube positioning (1) Tap a 13mm hole into the oil pan location shown in the diagram cutting and drilling is performed (2) Install the stud bolts and heat shield onto the turbo manifold.


While, true a turbo kit can add a lot of horsepower to your car, keep in mind there are several things that go into installing a turbocharger like the size of the turbo, how much boost your engine can handle, how much torque can your axles handle, will you need to modify your fuel intake system etc.


Turbonetics Installation Instructions CAUTION: Failure to follow these installation instructions can result in premature turbocharger failure and loss of warranty eligibility These installation instructions apply to all Turbonetics turbocharger models When installing a new turbocharger, be certain check for the following:


How to Put a Turbo in a Car. Turbochargers come in all sorts of sizes and specifications in order to cover a wide range of applications and serve many different purposes. The way a turbocharger works is, the exhaust gases from an engine...


These include coolant (you may need to remove the radiator to get enough clearance for the installation of the turbo), engine oil (best to remove the sump when installing the turbo oil drain), and transmission fluid (in the Toyota modification described here, one driveshaft had to be removed to give sufficient room for the turbo and exhaust ...


If you choose to perform the installation yourself, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly. If you choose to have the work done professionally, most turbo kit manufacturers can recommend a qualified installer in your area that specializes in these types of performance parts.


• This GReddy Turbo Kit is designed only for the vehicles specified above. ... Turbo Kit Installation 3-1 Intake Manifold Plate Installation 1. Remove the extension manifold (upper). ... Apply some grease on the O-ring on the Airflow meter, and make sure not to damage when