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Animals that begin with the letter R include rabbits, raccoons, robins, rats and reindeer. Other animals beginning with the letter R are the raven, rhinoceros, rattlesnake and ram.


There are animal's with names beginning with the letter "H," ranging from the very small harvestman, a relative of the spider, to the hippopotamus, with a name meaning water horse. These animals are from several different orders and classes of the animal kingdom.


Animal names that begin with the letter "I" include the impala, the iguana, the Indian jackal, the Indian star tortoise, and the Indian Porcupine, among others. These animals live in a variety of different environments.


Some countries that begin with the letter F are Fiji, Finland and France. Both Finland and France are located in Europe, with Finland in the north of the continent and France in the west. Fiji is located in the South Pacific, just north of New Zealand.


There are several animals that have names that begin with the letter "q," including the quail, the quarterhorse and the quoll. Lesser known animals, like the queen snake, the quokka and the quetzal also have names beginning with this not-so-often-used letter.


ZZ Top, Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers and Zappa are famous bands whose names begin with the letter "Z." All of the bands are known as leaders in their specific music genres.


There are a number of animals that begin with the letter "J," including well-known species like the jaguar, jaeger, jackrabbit and jackal, along with lesser known examples, such as the jacana and jaguarundi. The jacana is a type of water bird native to Africa, whereas t...