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5 Sane Alternatives to Declawing Cats. A cat scratching furniture might lead you to consider declawing, but declawing cats is a painful ordeal. Please try these other preventive measures first.


Alternatives to Declawing Options to stop scratching issues Technical Facts About Declawing The truth about declawing The Right Scratching Post For Your Cat Veterinarian developed post based on cat's behavior Soft Paws Nail Caps A humane alternative to declawing


Declawing Cats: Positives, Negatives, and Alternatives. A closer look at the controversial procedure. ... There are alternatives to declawing, and I think everybody, including veterinarians, look at declawing as a last resort. ... Isn’t declawing cats illegal in some other countries?


For some owners, the simplest solution to this problem is to have their cat declawed. However, not everyone wants to do this and there are alternatives. Many cat lovers consider the practice of cat declawing as an inhumane and cruel practice.


Alternatives to Declawing Cats. You can avoid the emotional trauma of seeing your cat going through painful recovery by opting for non-invasive alternatives to declawing. Also, as earlier noted, the practice is illegal in most countries. For example, declawing was outlawed in the UK in 2006 by the Animal Welfare Act.


The effects of declawing on cats are severe, physically, physiologically, and behaviorally. Take a look at some humane alternatives. The effects of declawing on cats are severe, physically, physiologically, and behaviorally. Take a look at some humane alternatives. ... Humane Alternatives to Declawing .


The reason usually given for declawing a cat is that you don't want them scratching your precious furniture. So... 1. Don't have precious furniture. Seriously, if you are going to own a cat, he'll probably scratch something sometime. So just ...


Declawing cats is a very controversial topic for both veterinarians and cat owners. Recently, the AVMA changed their policy on declawing cats to add “… the procedure is a major surgery that should only be performed after alternatives have been sought to prevent destructive clawing.” Many countries around the world have banned the surgery calling it animal cruelty.


Laser Cat Declawing Procedure - A Humane Alternative. Though the aforementioned methods are usually quite effective, there have been cases where the alternatives have not worked for some cats. If this has been the case with you, a humane alternative that has been found by veterinarians is laser surgery. The benefits of getting your cat declawed ...


5 Alternatives to Declawing Cats Luckily, there are several alternatives to declawing that are safer for your cat but still discourage inappropriate scratching or minimize the effects of scratching. Here are some of the most popular methods: Nail Trimming Nail trimming reduces the damage a cat can do when it scratches.