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Although most plants thrive in slightly acidic to neutral soil, a variety of perennials and shrubs are alkaline-loving plants, including perennials such as hellebores, clematis vine, dianthus, purple crocus, clematis and potentilla.


Some love alkaline soil more than others – they range from liking slightly alkaline soil to loving very alkaline soil. It was interesting to me how many vegetables went on this list, and how few flowers or fruits. I cannot say I grow too many alkaline friendly plants, mostly chives, oregano, and beans. 75 Alkaline Friendly Plants • Artichoke


Discover some of the best plants for alkaline soils, which are usually chalky or lime-rich, including fragranced and bee-friendly plants – from BBC Gardeners' World Magazine.


Gardening with alkaline soil isn’t a challenge when you use alkaline tolerant plants. Below is a list of many suitable plants for alkaline soil. As you can see, there are a number of plants that will tolerate alkaline soil in the garden. So if you don’t want to fool around with changing the pH ...


A key consideration when you choose landscape plants is pH, which refers to soil's acidity or alkalinity. If you live in an area with alkaline soil -- which has a pH above 6.0 -- you have two options.


Today we will look into some basic facts about Acidic Soil, how to make your soil acidic for acid loving plants. And at the end of the video will display a list of Common Acid Loving plants in ...


Fortunately, just as there are plants that like acidic soils, which give you planting options on sour ground (when you can't -- or do not want to -- raise the soil pH), so there are plants that like alkaline soil (or, at least, do not mind growing in it).Observe, however, that even plants within the same genus can "disagree" over what kind of ground that they like to grow in.


Plant crocus corms, which are bulb-like storage stems, in neutral to slightly alkaline soils for early spring blooms. If the pH in your garden is too high or too low, plants can't get the nutrients they need and may weaken and die. If you add amendments to your planting site, it's a good idea to re-check the pH every year with a soil test kit.


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75 Acid Loving Plants. If you have acidic soil, you need plants that flourish within an acid soil environment. Flowers, vegetables, shrubs, and trees all have specific soil needs; these 75 acid loving plants are great choices for your gardening and landscaping needs. So why is a soil considered an acidic? Well, it is defined by pH.