A smart meter is an electronic device that is installed at the consumer’s location and reports electricity use back to the utility for billing and monitoring. A smart meter may also be a device for recording natural gas ... More »

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Check the five-digit display to see the current, cumulative total kilowatt-hours of electrical consumption, according to PG&E. Take a look at the instructions to see which number reflects the usage, as some smart meters ... More »

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The main health concern about smart meters is that they may increase the risk of cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. Since they give off radiofrequency, or RF, waves, the meters are potentially carcinogenic... More »

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A smart grid is an electric grid system that uses two-way communication between the grid and its customers to manage electricity efficiently with devices such as smart meters, smart appliances and renewable energy source... More »

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Smart meters measure the use of a product such as electricity and send usage information back to the supplier on a regular basis, according to the American Cancer Society. They emit the same kinds of radio waves — a type... More »

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A 3-phase wiring schematic is a wiring plan for a home showing how to connect a 3-phase consumer unit from a utility pole to a 3-phase energy meter and a 3-phase distribution board. Homeowners install a 3-phase electrica... More »

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The best way to test a riding lawn mower starter is to use an ohm meter. This device determines the continuity of electrical currents in circuits attached to motors, cables and fuses. An infinity or OL reading means the ... More »