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Refined foods are processed foods that lack many of the nutrients they once had. They generally add a lot of calories to your diet, when compared to the amount of nutrients they contribute. The refining process refers specifically to carbohydrates such as grains and sugars.


Additionally, foods made with white sugar and flour that have been refined are no longer whole foods. The human body does not process refined foods in the same way as whole foods, partially due to the decreased fiber content in refined foods. Refined foods are also generally higher in calories than whole foods.


Refined foods include oil, sugar, white flour and products made of these ingredients. Examples include white and wheat breads, cakes, pastries, pretzels, cookies, most wraps, chips, Doritos etc. A processed food is simply a food that has gone through a process. A processed food can be a refined food, however it can also be a healthy whole food ...


Refined foods have been processed or altered so that they are no longer in their natural state. This results in a loss of beneficial nutrients and fiber. High in calories and low in nutrition, refined foods are easy to overeat and less satisfying than whole foods. Eating them in moderation can help ...


I get a lot of questions about the difference between whole, processed and refined foods, and whether certain foods like dried fruit or nut butters are still considered ‘whole’. Let me say first that there are a lot of different definitions out there as to what the words ‘whole,’ ‘processed’ and ‘refined’ mean specifically when it comes to food.


Food manufacturers often refine or process grains to create a food product that is softer and less bulky. White bread is made from refined grains and is an example of a refined carbohydrate food. White bread is softer and easier to eat than bulky whole grain bread and many consumers prefer the taste and texture.


Refined Foods - Are They the Enemy? What goes into making the food we eat can often take a lot of the goodness out. So, which refined foods and processed foods are best to avoid if you want to live a healthy life?


If a food has been processed with chemicals, contains ingredients that have been refined, or has artificial flavors, colors or other synthetic components, it’s a processed food. Part 1 ranks the worst processed foods you can eat, and part 2 shows why processed foods don’t keep our bodies healthy. List of processed foods to avoid


Refined carbohydrates are grain-based foods that have the bran and germ extracted during processing. The process of refining a food not only removes the fiber, but it also removes much of the food's nutritional value, including B-complex vitamins, healthy oils and fat-soluble vitamins.


Refined carbohydrates are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, causing risky spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels. Most common chronic diseases of Western Civilization have been tied to these types of (deliciously addictive) carbohydrates, therefore it is wise to keep them to a minimum.