Racing pigeon lofts are specially designed houses that accommodate the distinctive needs of racing pigeons. Lofts are usually self-contained structures that are built to ensure that the birds receive optimal rest and pro... More » Pets & Animals Birds

Pigeon racing is a competitive sport in which pigeon owners release their pigeons at a predetermined distance from their homes and time how long it takes their birds to fly back home. The pigeon with the shortest flight ... More » Hobbies & Games Contests & Gambling

A pigeon loft is built with plywood, concrete or wood flooring and a roof with ventilation and should be south-facing or facing toward the nicest weather direction. The size of the loft should provide ample space for the... More »

Young pigeons are called squeakers or squabs. The latter term is the more common one. The young are referred to as squabs until they have fledged, which usually takes about 30 days from hatching. More »

Pigeons lack external sex organs, and like many birds, they utilize a cloaca to reproduce rather than dedicated organs such as a penis or vagina. They also do not differ in plumage depending on sex, as many other birds d... More »

Pigeons are mostly viewed as pests rather than pets, so catching them is not a good idea. They might be carriers of diseases, and their droppings are hard to remove from windowsills, vehicles and rooftops. Capturing them... More »

A baby pigeon is called a squab. Pigeons are highly intelligent birds and are among the few species in the world to pass a self-recognition test when placed in front of a mirror. Pigeons are found all over the world with... More »