The effectiveness of a QR Code barcode scanner varies according to the manufacturer. Cell phone scanning quality varies depending on the cell phone's camera feature. Other factors that impact the quality of QR Code scann... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

Quick response codes are codes that consist of black and white squares that are readable by a camera on a smartphone. Typically, they contain a uniform resource locator that connects the user to Internet addresses contai... More » Business & Finance

To scan a QR code, open or download a smartphone or tablet app designed to read QR codes. Line up the camera so that the phone reads the code, and hold the device in place while the app reads the code. Reading codes prov... More » Technology Mobile
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Operating a handheld barcode scanner involves pointing the scanner at a barcode and activating the scanner until the scanner confirms that the barcode has been successfully scanned. The scanner may report the barcode sca... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

Locate videos with instructions to work on a scanner on the scanner's manufacturer website, on video portals such as YouTube, and on instructional DVDs or CDs provided by the manufacturer in the scanner packaging. Educat... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

As of 2015, some highly rated bar code generator and scanner apps for iOS are Qrafter, Qrafter Pro, Barcode+Free, QR-Code and Barcode Scanner & Generator with Control from file option and Barcode+. For Android devices, s... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

The recommended QR barcode scanners are BarCloud, Scandit, QuickMark, NeoReader and i-nigma and EZ Office Inventory, says These apps are free and feature cross-platform compatibility. More » Business & Finance Business Resources