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Power-only truck loads are trucking jobs that require only a tractor and driver to move a load of goods from one place to another. The trailer is loaded and secured by the customer who then needs someone to attach a truck tractor to the trailer and haul it away.


HaulHound is a FREE app that lets you post your current and future capacity. Aggregating logistics info on empty trucks from numerous sources direct from carriers, smart phone apps, and load boards, HaulHound functions as the most dynamic free loadboard solution available. We are proud to offer Power Unit Support.


Standard power-only trucking units have three axles, but three axles aren’t always sufficient to move the heaviest loads. Overweight loads may require the use of a four-axle power-only unit, so it is essential that we know the weight of the shipment in order to get the right power-only unit and crew for the job.


Intermodal loads, equipment, trucks, terminals, and jobs- a directory for intermodal transportation.


Power Only Loads: Good Paying Power Only Runs in Trucking If you are looking for good power only loads then Freightship should be one of your options. We offer our carriers some very high quality power only loads throughout various times and seasons during the year.


Hi Brokers - What do power-only loads pay per mile compared to reefer or flatbed? Can I expect $2/mi? I can only afford to buy a used truck and get my own authority. I can't afford to buy a trailer. I'm gonna have to start out doing power-only loads til I save up for a trailer...


Free load board from Trucker Path. Find freight to haul for flatbed, van, reefer and other equipment. 120,000+ available loads daily.


Plus Power has the capability to incorporate contracted truck capacity into our vast freight network and dedicated projects utilizing our USA Truck-owned trailers. This benefits our customers by allowing for more flexibility while presenting a strong brand. Our fully-vetted carriers are monitored regularly for compliance through a dedicated carrier relations team.


Depending on the weight loads and standard size load versus oversize loads, standard axle units as well as four-axle units can be available to suit your needs. Knowing certain specifications about your load and weight will help smooth out some of the guesswork when choosing which power only truck will work best for you.


“Power-only driving is very easy, it’s not fast-paced like driving for other companies. There’s no waiting because there’s no lack of freight. Powersource keeps me moving with a good variety of work, I don’t feel like I am stuck with the same trailer day in and day out.