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Parity rights granted U.S. citizens and Filipinos equal rights in regard to using the natural resources of the Philippines. These parity rights were created through an amendment of the Philippine Constitution, called the Parity Amendment, which was voted through on March 11, 1947.


1947 Philippine Parity Rights plebiscite. As required by the Bell Trade Act, a plebiscite was held in the Philippines to amend the Philippine Constitution to provide for "parity rights" between American and Philippine citizens.


The extension of the parity privileges on all business activities would later on have a negative effect on the Philippine economy. Recto opposed the Laurel-Langley Trade Agreement by stating that Filipinos parity rights to the U.S. natural resources were subject to federal control and regulations.


Ano ang parity rights - 498374 Ang Parity Rights ay isang patarakan upang mabigyan ng pantay na karapatan ang mga amerikano at pilipino na gamitin at pakinabangan ang mga likas na yaman ng pilipinas.


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Other articles where Parity Amendment is discussed: Bell Trade Act: …Filipinos objected to the so-called Parity Amendment, which required an amendment to the Philippine constitution allowing U.S. citizens equal rights with Filipinos in the exploitation of natural resources and operation of public utilities; nonetheless, some powerful Filipinos involved in these negotiations stood to benefit ...


Best Answer: Parity Rights is an amendment to the 1935 Constitution which granted to Americans equal rights with Filipino citizens to develop and exploit natural resources of the Philippines and to operate public utilities in the country. That was the deal required by the US in exchange for the funds poured into the Philippines for its rehabilitation after the war.


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