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Islamic places of worship are called mosques. A mosque is not only a place of worship but a center for the Muslim community. It is also a key place for intellectual and social activities. There are several rules involved with entering or worshipping inside a mosque.


Islam. A Mosque (/mɒsk/; from Arabic: المسجد Al-masjid ‎) is a place of worship for followers of Islam. There are strict and detailed requirements in Sunni jurisprudence (fiqh) for a place of worship to be considered a masjid, with places that do not meet these requirements regarded as musallas.


A mosque is a place where Muslims worship and pray to God. Some mosques are also places where Muslims get together and discuss things or where religious education takes place. In some countries mosques also serve political purposes and imams discuss political issues. Mosques date back to the seventh century when they first emerged on the ...


The most holy place of worship for Muslims is the city of Mecca. The mosque which houses the Kabba (a large black, stone cube) is the most sacred site in the world for Muslims.


A mosque (/ m ɒ s k /; from Arabic: مَسْجِد ‎, romanized: masjid, pronounced ; literally "glorious") is a place of worship for Muslims. Any act of worship that follows the Islamic rules of prayer can be said to create a mosque, whether or not it takes place in a special building. Informal and open-air places of worship are called musalla, while mosques used for communal prayer on ...


There are three holy places in Islam—the Kaaba, the Prophet’s Mosque and Al-Aqsa Mosque. While a mosque—the place of worship for Muslims—is considered a holy place in general, these three mosques are rooted in Islamic history.


In this film, Samreena outlines the important features of the Mosque and Muhammad introduces certain core beliefs of Islam. Samreena also explains the place of various artefacts used in worship, and explains the symbolism associated with them. Muhammad demonstrates the centrality of worship and the Qur'an in his life.


The Muslim place of worship is called a mosque. Before entering a mosque, Muslims remove their shoes, leaving them outside the building. In addition, they wash their hands before entering the premises. Some mosques are easily identified because they are topped by a tall, thin tower or minaret. The primary room inside a mosque is a large, open ...


However, the concept of worship in Islam is all-encompassing and incorporates ritual worship as well as common daily tasks. This pamphlet discusses the balance Islam encourages between our spiritual and worldly endeavors, while also explaining core rites Muslims perform to worship God. In Islam, worship is the very purpose of our existence.


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