Instructions on how to tie a bow tie are avaialble at, as well as at the websites The Tie Bar and Black Tie Guide. Although bow tie styles differ somewhat, all ties use the same basic knot. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Easy diagrammed instructions for tying a tie with a Windsor knot can be found online at and provides detailed written instructions with a diagram for each step. offers easy ... More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories

To tie a tie in a Windsor knot, encircle the tie around the neck, wrap the wide end around the narrow end to make a knot and pull the wide end through the loop to make it inside-out. Pull the wide end through the loop a ... More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories

To tie a bow tie, loop it around the neck with the right side hanging longer. Crossing the right side over the left, bring it under and up through the center. Horizontally fold the left end, cross it with the right end, ... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

The best type of shirt to wear with a bow tie is a shirt with a hidden button or a button-down collar. A bow tie looks best with a solid-colored shirt, preferably in white or blue. If the bow tie is a solid color, it can... More »

To tie a bow tie, simply drape it around your neck, cross the ends over and use the shorter end to make the bow form. Create a loop with the longer end to finalize. You need approximately three minutes to complete this t... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

One way to tie a square scarf is to bias band fold the scarf, then make two loops before pulling one end into a bow shape. While there are many ways to tie a square scarf, this style, called the butterfly wrap, goes well... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing