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A highway location marker is the modern-day equivalent of a milestone.Unlike traditional milestones, however, which (as their name suggests) were originally carved from stone and sited at one-mile intervals, modern highway location markers are made from a variety of materials and are almost invariably spaced at intervals of a kilometre or a fraction thereof (except in the United States, and ...


What Are Highway Markers Used For? What Are Highway Markers Used For? In New York, markers appear every tenth of a mile along state roads and track accident history and road work, explains the New York State Department of Transportation.


A highway shield or route marker is a sign denoting the route number of a highway, usually in the form of a symbolic shape with the route number enclosed.As the focus of the sign, the route number is usually the sign's largest element, with other items on the sign rendered in smaller sizes or contrasting colors.


Reflective road markers, highway reflectors and pavement marking equipment at low wholesale prices. Road markers and highway pavement reflectors provide additional information and cues for drivers going through hazardous work zone areas. We have one of the largest assortments of road reflectors and raised pavement markers online.


Contains hundreds of highway signs and markers from the United States, Canada, and other countries.


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New Hampshire’s historical highway markers illustrate the depth and complexity of our history and the people who made it, from the last Revolutionary War soldier to contemporary sports figures to poets and painters who used New Hampshire for inspiration; from 18th-century meeting houses to stone arch bridges to long-lost villages; from ...


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Idaho Highway Historical Marker Guide. Highway Historical Markers will allow you to connect Idaho’s lush history with her scenic geography, where Idaho’s highways and history intersect. Organized by highway, the guide provides a location and description for over 240 historical markers. The guide is also packed with 90 drawings, maps and old ...


A photo of a "cutout" style US highway marker, which is standard in California. For a time during the late 1950s to 1970s (and possibly into the 1980s), Colorado used this marker as the "reassurance" marker and on high speed highways. Photo by me. Colorado uses the same modern US highway marker that does most of the US.