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Asthma, diabetes, stroke, cancer, chronic obstructed pulmonary disease and cystic fibrosis are examples of non-infectious diseases, which are commonly known as non-communicable diseases or NCDs.


Diseases can cause a number of symptoms to any part of the body. Communicable diseases are ones that are spread by an infection when you come in contact with someone who has it. Noninfectious diseases do not spread and they are generally caused from genetics, environmental factors or deficiencies in nutrition.


Not all diseases can be spread from one person to another. In this lesson, we'll learn about non-infectious diseases: what they are, some examples of them, and how they are treated.


NCDs include many environmental diseases covering a broad category of avoidable and unavoidable human health conditions caused by external factors, such as sunlight, nutrition, pollution, and lifestyle choices. The diseases of affluence are non-infectious diseases with environmental causes. Examples include: Many types of cardiovascular disease ...


Examples of Non-Infectious Diseases. Skin Cancer Skin Cancer is a non-infectious disease and is caused by an environmental factor. Skin Cancer is developed when the human body receives too much of the sun's ultraviolet radiation. This causes problems and damages the cells in the layer of the epidermis which is the layer outside of the skin.


A noncommunicable disease is a noninfectious health condition lasting for a long period of time. This is also known as a chronic disease. Noncommunicable diseases cannot be spread from person to ...


Minimizing the major risks for non-communicable diseases – tobacco smoking, lack of exercise, poor diet and also the hazardous consumption of alcoholic drinks – is the emphasis of the Department for the NCDs Prevention in World Health Organization. 5 Common Examples of Non-infectious Diseases in India


Non -infectious disease ? This is a vast range of diseases. Thus to keep it quite simple, these are any and all of the diseases that are NOT caused by infectious agents. Infectious diseases..to be simplistic are due to infective agents coming from...


Those diseases that are not caused by a pathogenic agent, and cannot be transferred from one person to another are called non-infectious diseases. There are many types of non-infectious diseases that are caused by different factors. These factors include genetics, environment, nutritional deficiency, or lifestyle patterns.


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