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Freeware is computer software that is available for use at no charge. Common examples include Internet browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, the voice-over-IP service Skype, and the PDF file reader Adobe Acrobat.


Freeware is in contrast to commercial software, which is typically sold for profit, but might be distributed for a business or commercial purpose in the aim to expand the marketshare of a "premium" product. Popular examples of closed-source freeware include Adobe Reader, Free Studio and Skype


Unlike with free and open-source software, which are also often distributed free of charge, the source code for freeware is typically not made available. Freeware may be intended to benefit its producer by, for example, encouraging sales of a more capable version, as in the freemium and shareware business models.


Freeware is software that is offered free, but has certain limitations. A few examples of companies that offer freeware include Adobe Reader and Skype.


Freeware programs can be downloaded and used for free, although they may be copyrighted or licensed in some cases. Example of freeware are the Mozilla web browser and torrent clients like BitTorrent. Example of paid or proprietary programs are Windows operating system versions like Windows 7 and Windows Vista.


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Plenty more quality open-source software exists – this is just an introductory sample. Most of these programs are cross-platform, meaning they can be installed on MS Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The software below is not freeware or shareware, which are both significantly different to open source.


freeware is in public domain, shareware is free to use but for private use only. ... Examples of postcardware are: the game Ancient Domains of Mystery, Orbitron , Exifer (a popular application ...


Freeware vs Shareware comparison. Freeware is copyrighted computer software which is made available for use free of charge, for an unlimited time. Authors of freeware often want to 'give something to the community', but also want to retain control of any future development of the software....


Freeware software is a software that is available free of cost. An user can download freeware from internet and uses it. An user can download freeware from internet and uses it. These softwares do not provide any freedom of modifying, sharing and studying the program as in open source software.