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Creative arts include drama or theater, music, film, creative writing, graphic design, photography and visual arts. Creative arts are studied at various levels in education.


"PaintGo," "Nick Jr. Free Draw," "Detail Detective," "Match Madness" and Lego Friends' "Art Maker" are some creative art games for kids. "PaintGo," a painting and coloring game, is from ABCYa.com. Kids can use different colored stamps, paintbrushes in a variety of shape...


Creative activities are things people do that involve developing new ideas, artworks and other forms of cultural production. They are characterized by originality and the use of imagination.


Creative Commons is a general copyright license that protects the creator but allows others to use it in some way. As of 2014, six distinct license types are offered under the Creative Commons umbrella.


A creative or graphic designer is responsible for illustrating, photographing and laying out promotional and functional materials for a business. A creative designer can design advertisements, brochures, websites, mobile apps, fliers and anything else involved in a mark...


Some creative ways to use Christmas clip art images include making personal Christmas-themed cards and decorating a menu for holiday dinners. Printing out large images to decorate a Christmas tree or hanging them around the house adds some holiday spirit.


Some creative uses for rose clip art images include illustrating greeting cards and gift bags, making iron-on transfers for appliques and paper flowers, decorating classroom bulletin boards with them and using them in school lessons. ClipartPal.com offers free rose clip...