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In some states, small claims courts decide a few other types of disputes, such as failure to return a piece of property and eviction proceedings. Small claims courts primarily settle monetary disputes, and depending on the state, amounts may not exceed limits that range from $3,000 to $10,000, explains Nolo.


Claims Allowed in Small Claims Court. Common types of claims involve failure to repay a loan, fix a car or appliance properly, return a security deposit, or meet the terms of a service contract -- for example, properly remodel a kitchen or install a new roof. In a few states, small claims courts may also rule on a limited range of other types ...


The Hartford's analysis provides some insight as to the types of claims that small businesses can expect to make. The insurer cited the 10 most common types of claims incurred by small businesses and the percentage of such claims made.


Common Types of Cases (Small Claims Division of the Superior Court of California, County of San Mateo)


Self-help law center Small claims. Small claims court is a special type of civil court where disputes may be resolved more quickly and inexpensively than in other court proceedings. Small claims court is limited to claims of $10,000 or less.


Case information for small claims matters filed with Centralized Small Claims prior to September 1, 2017 that have not been transferred to the small claims docket in a judicial district or housing session and assigned a new docket number are available online through the Centralized Small Claims Case Look-up.


Check your state's small claims court rules. Many small claims courts limit the types of cases they will decide in addition to restricting the dollar amount of damages you can claim. For example, Rhode Island's small claims court only allows breach of contract claims and claims by consumers for damages connected with retail products or services.


This type of lawsuit, to get a judge to determine the rights and obligations of each side, must be filed as a limited civil case (if the amount is $25,000 or less) or an unlimited case (if the amount is over $25,000). Read the Small Claims section for more information on small claims court.


A Small Claims Court commissioner is an attorney hired by the court to hear Small Claims Court cases. continuance A request to postpone a court date. costs Certain fees and charges a party pays to file and present a case or to enforce a judgment. damages Money claimed or awarded in court, equal to the dollar value of the claimant's losses. default


If you have filed more than 12 claims in the past 12 months, the filing fee is $100 (for any claim amount). Filing fees change, so make sure you check to see what the current filing fees for small claims cases are at the time of your filing.