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Hydrogen peroxide is the primary ingredient in hair bleach. Most hair bleach contains between 6 percent and 10 percent hydrogen peroxide. Other ingredients include ammonium persulfate, potassium persulfate and sodium persulfate.


The main ingredient in hair bleach is hydrogen peroxide, the main oxidizing agent, in an alkaline solution (Hair and Hair Care).The alkaline solution helps the formula to maintain a pH somewhere around nine to 11 (Chemical and Physical Behavior of Human Hair).The main ingredient in hair dye is p-phenylenediamine, which turns brown when oxidizing agents — like air — are present.


Hair Bleaches are products that lighten the color of the hair by alteration of the coloring components in the hair. They also work through diffusion of the natural color pigment or artificial color from the hair. The Hair Bleaching process is central to both permanent hair color and hair lighteners. Hair Bleaching ingredients have been extensively tested over many years and


Bleaching hair Ultraviolet light from the sun is the most common hair-bleaching agent. Lemon juice is sometimes added to speed up the process of reducing the double bonds in hair pigments to single bonds. However, the most famous hair bleach is hydrogen peroxide of peroxide blonde fame. Unlike sunlight and lemon juice, peroxide is an oxidizing ...


Bleach Q: What is hair bleach made of? Is bleach harmful to your health? A: The bleaching agents used to lighten the hair vary with the level of lightening desired. For small amounts of lift and lightening of the hair's color, hydrogen peroxide is a common bleaching agent.


Bleach is the generic name for any chemical product which is used industrially and domestically to whiten clothes, to lighten hair color and to remove stains. It often refers, specifically, to a dilute solution of sodium hypochlorite, also called "liquid bleach".


How to Bleach Hair Blonde. Going to a salon can be pricey, but people have been bleaching their hair at home for decades -- and you can too! The bleaching process is a bit different for everyone, depending on your current hair color, but...


Just like Loreal's Infinie Platine and Platinum hair bleach powders, this hair bleach features ingredients that bind to and remove metals from the hair, giving you cleaner results. It also lifts extremely fast compared to other bleach powders, meaning that it doesn't have to be left on as long to achieve the same results.


The active ingredient in household bleach is sodium hypochlorite, which is derived from salt. In fact, Clorox is headquartered in Oakland, California because we started making bleach here by running electricity through salt water from San Francisco Bay! So household bleach begins and ends as salt and water.


The ammonia pulls apart layers of the hair’s proteins, so that the dye can access the hair shaft. Next, hydrogen peroxide bleaches the hair and helps p-phenylenediamine, one of the primary coloring agents, to become trapped in the hair. These common dye chemicals are associated with negative health effects.