Bald eagle nests consist of broken sticks and tree branches, feathers, grasses, moss and fibers. Bald eagles usually find sticks on the ground or take off branches with their powerful beaks. More » Pets & Animals Birds Eagles

You can watch live feed from bald eagle nests online at by clicking the Eagle Nest Cam link under the Interactive heading on the home page. The website offers live camera feeds in multiple California locations, i... More » Pets & Animals Birds Eagles

The largest bald eagle nest ever found weighed more than 4,400 pounds and was 20 feet deep and 9 1/2 feet in diameter. The nest was built from collected feathers, grass, sticks, moss and other organic matter. Although th... More » Pets & Animals Birds Eagles

Bald eagles range from 34 to 43 inches from head to foot, with females being larger than the males. Their wingspan ranges from 6 to 8 feet long. More »

Minnesota Bound offers a live bald eagle's nest camera on its website, and the Institute for Wildlife Studies offers several live eagles' nests cameras from California online at as of 2015. Both webs... More » Pets & Animals Birds Eagles

The bald eagle's lifespan begins when the birds hatch from eggs in a gigantic nest on a cliff or in the branches of a tall tree. states that bald eagles generally produce two or three eggs at a time. These eggs... More »

Bald eagles are endangered because humans have contaminated the bald eagle's food through poisonous chemicals such as DDT, destroyed their habitat areas and shot them illegally. The bald eagle is the national symbol for ... More »