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The negative aspects of biomass energy are similar to those associated with the use of fossil fuels for generating electricity, with the exception that biomass fuels are renewable energy sources. Burning of biomass fuels causes concerns about emissions and water use. Biomass fuels are less efficient and require more land.


the bad thing about solar energy is that is thatfirstly the amount of energy we get from the sun is dilute even in the hot desert of world and secondly the technology we use for this energy is ...


What bad things about biomass energy? ... Biomass Energy is the burning of trash and waste to make electricity/energy. This is a renewable source , because we will constantly be making trash. Also ...


Bad: - The amount of CO2 removed from the atmosphere by photosynthesis of biomass becomes less than produced - Terrestrial biomass is the largest sink known for the removal of atmospheric CO2 via photosynthesis and by causing deforestation and removing plant biomass for fuel we decrease the CO2 fixation capacity of the Earth


What are some of the bad things about biomass? Update Cancel. a d b y C u r a l a t e. If your boss asks how social is performing, what's your answer? ... What are the bad points about biomass energy? What are the benefits of biomass? ... What are the pros and cons of biomass energy?


The Good and The Bad on Biomass News in North Carolina. Guest Blog | October 25, 2010 | Energy Policy. Rumor has it that Duke Energy plans to convert the Dan River power plant from coal to biomass fuel. However, the NCUC reached its decision when considering the relatively insignificant amount of biomass being used in two pilot co-firing ...


Like coal and nuclear plants, biomass plants may disrupt local water sources. Water use at a biomass plant ranges between 20,000 and 50,000 gallons per megawatt-hour. This water is released back into the source at a higher temperature, disrupting the local ecosystem. The nutrient runoff from energy crops can also harm local water resources as well.


A new report out today finds that using forest timber (biomass) for heating, electricity generation or liquid ‘biofuel’ could severely harm forests and accelerate global warming. The report titled, Fuelling a Biomess, and authored by Greenpeace Canada, points to scientific evidence showing how using forests for energy can be worse for the climate than burning coal.


What is Biomass Energy? From the start of civilization, biomass fuels were unquestionably being utilized for the generation of energy. However, in the past few decades, debates have raged over whether biomass fuel is really useful and sustainable. This fierce debates prompted researchers to look into the feasibility of biomass energy.


Interesting Facts About Biomass Energy. December 18, 2015 Energy Written by Greentumble. As we come to terms with our need. to transition to a renewable energy future, humanity is looking to alternative energy sources to power our way of life.