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What Animals Live in Alabama? Alabama has a large number of native species, including wild boar, white-tailed deer, bobcats, red and gray foxes, coyotes, North American river otters, skunks, raccoons, opossums and armadillos. Alabama is also home to a diverse population of birds, insects and reptiles.


The U.S. state of Alabama is home to these known indigenous mammal species. Historically, the state's indigenous species included one armadillo species, sixteen bat species, thirteen carnivore species, six insectivore species, one opossum species, four rabbit species, twenty-two rodent species, and three ungulate species.


Alabama's varied topography ranges from the rugged Cumberland Plateau in north Alabama to the rolling Coastal Plain in the central and southern part of the state. These regions are home to such common animals as the wild turkey and the white-tailed deer, as well as the endangered Red Hills salamander and the Alabama beach mouse.


Few large mammals inhabit Alabama. The black bear is found in the swampy areas in the south, and white-tailed deer live in the northwest and southwest. There are some beaver colonies in central Alabama. Raccoon, opossum, weasel, otter, and a variety of rats, mice, rabbits, and foxes are common in most parts of the state.


Alabama. What kind of animals live in Alabama? alligator gar, alligator snapping turtles, coyotes, blue jays, crows, armadillo, deer, (there has been some sightings of alligators and panthers ...


You might not think of Alabama as a hotbed of prehistoric life—but this southern state has yielded the remains of some very important dinosaurs and prehistoric animals. On the following slides, you'll discovery a bestiary of ancient Alabama wildlife, ranging from the fierce tyrannosaur Appalachiosaurus to the ever-hungry prehistoric shark Squalicorax.


Wildlife in Alabama. Alabama has more varieties of fish, animals, birds, and plants than any other state east of the Mississippi River. This biodiversity makes the state an excellent place to study…or just watch and enjoy…these many varied species.


Red Hills Salamander The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) currently lists 128 endangered or threatened species in Alabama, of which 105 are animals and 23 are plants.These species are protected from human impact on both private and public lands and include mostly aquatic or water-dependent species.


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Founded in 1977, Alabama Wildlife Center is Alabama's oldest and largest wildlife rehabilitation facility and a leader in the rehabilitation of wild birds. Over 50,000 native Alabama wild animals have received help at this amazing wildlife center.