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As of September 2014, WGN America can be found on Comcast's channel 9 or in high definition on channel 709. WGN America is a national flagship property of Tribune Broadcasting Company.


The channel for WGN America on Time Warner Cable varies by location. Information regarding the correct channel number can be found on Time Warner Cable's official website.


As of June 2015, WGN weekday radio personalities include Nick Digilio, Steve Cochran, Bill Leff, Wendy Synder, Bob Sirott, Marianne Murciano, Roe Conn, Justin Kaufmann and Patti Vasquez. The radio personalities on Saturday and Sunday differ from those during the week.


The Anime Network, offers an ample selection of anime television shows. DirectTV customers can experience 10 hours of on-demand anime programming per, according to the Anime Network. Users can choose from a variety of dubbed and subtitled anime series.


DIRECTV has six different channel packages ranging from SELECT (a basic line up of channels) to PREMIER (which includes the NFL Sunday Ticket Max and premium movie networks). Each package includes different channels. The SELECT package has over 130 channels including A&...


DirecTV lists the channels lineups of its various packages on its website at DirecTV.com. Six major packages are available, ranging from the cheapest package known as Select to the most extensive Premier package, as of 2015.


The number of channels offered by DIRECTV depends upon the service package. As of 2015, DIRECTV offers six packages in English, with the lowest level, Select, offering over 145 channels and the highest level, Premier, offering over 315 channels.