Wells Fargo lists their routing transit numbers as a way to identify which of the company's banks to send money to or withdraw money from. Wells Fargo notes that routing numbers differ by state, except in Southern Califo... More »

A Wells Fargo account opened in Georgia has the routing number 061000227. Wire transfers do not use the location-based routing number. Instead, domestic wire transfers use 121000248 and international wire transfers use W... More »

Account numbers are found on the bottom of a personal check where it is generally listed as the second set of numbers after the routing number, according to About.com. A Wells Fargo or Chase account number is also availa... More »

You can access your Wells Fargo account summary by logging into your account through the official Wells Fargo website. Online access allows you to view a summary of your account and pay bills. More »

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As of 2015, Wells Fargo offers services such as online statements and online Bill Pay. Another service the bank offers to its account holders includes Identity Theft protection plans. The bank also offers mobile banking ... More »

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The easiest and quickest way to open a Wells Fargo savings account is by applying online, as stated on the Wells Fargo website. You can also apply by phone or in person. A number of account options are available dependin... More »

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While Wells Fargo does not offer an in-house credit report, the company recommends requesting a free copy of your credit report from a major, nationwide credit reporting agency, according to Wells Fargo's website. Wells ... More »

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