Locate local welfare offices on state and federal agency websites. Such websites often provide either interactive maps that enable you to search particular areas, or directories listing welfare office names, locations an... More » Government & Politics Social Services

Hours for welfare benefits office vary by state, but most are open during normal business hours on Monday through Friday, with the exception of nationally recognized holidays. The most common business hours are 9 a.m. to... More » Government & Politics Social Services

A state's Office of Public Assistance, or equivalent, typically provides welfare services, and residents can find its phone number by visiting the website of the state's Department of Human Services or similar department... More » Government & Politics Social Services
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The general public can inquire about arrest records by calling the law enforcement agency responsible for the arrest or by accessing the online public arrest records usually available on the websites of state and federal... More » Government & Politics Public Records

To receive welfare, applicants are first required to fill out a form that can be obtained at state welfare offices. The filled form is returned to the welfare officer. The next step in the process involves an interview a... More » Government & Politics Social Services

You can get an EBT card in California by first applying for benefits through the CalFresh program online or through your local county welfare office as of 2015. If approved, benefits are provided on an EBT card under the... More » Government & Politics Social Services

To find a local welfare services office, go to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's SNAP Application local office finder page, and click on the appropriate state. This directs you to another website that links to address... More » Government & Politics Social Services