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Welcoming Students Before the First Day of School By Rhonda Stewart. Grades 3–5 ... Welcome Letter or Postcard. ... Pearls of Wisdom — Once you start a teacher web page, be sure to update it on a regular basis. Set a specific time of the day to upload your information.


Summer Letters to My Students: Beginning to Build Relationships. ... (Cassidy.kathy@prairiesouth.ca) before school starts. Email is one of the ways that I keep in touch with parents, so this will give me a chance to have your email address as well. ... I have always thought about sending a welcome letter before school begins but I seem to ...


Do you send Welcome Back to School letters to your students before school starts? I LOVE taking this opportunity to welcome my students to my classroom! As a parent, I also love it. My two girls anxiously await their letters each year. Last year I added something special, and gave it a technology twist. I have had amaz


Welcome Letter, Orientation Activity Submitted by: Colleen Buck, Kindergarten Around August, before the start of the new school year, I send each of my kindergarten students (around 50) a letter that tells about me, my memories of entering kindergarten, my family, and about our classroom and school year. (I also scanned my picture on there.


Do you send Welcome Back to School letters to your students before school starts? The past two years, we have been able to put a letter to our students in the envelope that gets mailed out the week before school starts. I LOVE taking this opportunity to welcome my students to my classroom! As a...Read More »


(Can you believe you have a teacher who would give you homework before school even starts??) I would like you to write a letter to me introducing yourself and bring it with you on the first day of school or when you come to the Meet and Greet. Here are some simple steps to follow: Start with a greeting like Dear Mrs. Connell,


First Day of School Letters and Survival Kits Build Communication. Many teachers and administrators have started introducing themselves to parents and students before school starts, or right at the opening bell. Some have even started providing "survival kits" to help students weather the first few days of school.


20 Things School Counselors Should Do Before School Starts. ... 12. Meet New Teachers: I recommend introducing yourself to new teachers BEFORE school starts. A quick, “Hello, welcome to our building. I’m the school counselor. ... 16. Send a Letter to Parents: Send out welcome back letters to the parents of the students you were working with ...


Welcome Letter; Administration. Welcome Letter; ... with golden opportunities for all of our students as we strive to find ways that we can be even better than we have before! We embark on this journey with a pledge to you, our students and parents, that this will be a year of engaging, meaningful and rigorous work in our classrooms, combined ...


Ocotillo Elementary School 2013-2014 WELCOME LETTER August 2013 ... before and after school as needed. During the school day, students may use the library as needed with teacher permission. ... Head Start is available at Ocotillo for four and five year olds.