The Weight Watchers food list consists of several food categories and their corresponding point values. Some of these include beans and legumes ranging from zero to four points, breads and crackers ranging from zero to e... More »

The Weight Watchers program works by assigning every food and beverage a points value. The program then assigns each member a daily and weekly points quota specifically chosen to help her reach her goal weight or maintai... More »

Zero-point foods on Weight Watchers include many fruits, vegetables and some condiments. Foods on the list from a natural source, such as apples or cabbage, are true zero-point foods, with a higher nutritional value than... More »

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To determine the number of Weight Watchers points in a serving of packaged food, find the nutrition label, and enter its figures into a point calculator. To calculate the number of points in a homemade meal, enter the re... More »

The Weight Watchers diet plan is an eating plan that states that a person can eat any food he or she wants, provided that they are ready to add up the points. In this diet plan, each food is given a certain number of poi... More »

Under the Weight Watchers PointsPlus program as of 2014, fresh strawberries have no points and are considered a free food. Weight Watchers encourages liberal consumption of fruits and vegetables to provide nutrients and ... More »

The Weight Watchers PointsPlus program takes in to account all of the nutrition information, not just the calories, of a food when assigning a points value. This newer system factors in the fat, fiber, protein and carboh... More »