Weight-lifting program charts are used to track progress of a person's workout plan with statistics on gains in poundage used, repetitions, exercises added or removed from a program; in addition, notes on intensity, time... More »

The 4-Week Beginner's Workout Program by Muscle & Fitness and the Best Beginner Weight-Training Workout by are two free weightlifting programs. Whereas the former is a split routine, the latter is a full... More » has a diet chart in which a user may lose up to 8 pounds in two weeks. The chart consists of meal suggestions totaling 1,300 calories a day. The diet chart may also be combined with a workout plan for rapid we... More »

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Good weightlifting program charts include information to help focus a workout including types of exercises, number of repetitions, weight lifted or duration of exercise, the frequency of each set of exercise, and a goal ... More »

Getting ripped is a complex process that takes a variable amount of time depending on the starting fitness of the person exercising and the workout program they choose. In order to get ripped quickly, you need access to ... More »

To increase strength, begin a weight lifting routine that includes low repetitions during the warm-up sets that gradually build to heavier weights used for the last few sets. In addition, working out with a trainer helps... More »

Toning biceps and triceps involves incorporating curling exercises (pulling movements) for biceps and extension exercises (pushing movements) for triceps using body weight, hand-held weights or machines for resistance wi... More »