A staff meeting is a conference between some or all of the employees of a business or company. Staff meetings are typically organized by CEOs, owners, or head management officials, and they are conducted in whatever mann... More »

Some common topics of conversation at company meetings include values, goals and strategy. Other topics of conversation include productivity, initiatives, projection of future results and reviews of current results. More »

The main point of writing a staff meeting agenda is to include everything that will be gone over during the staff meeting, in professional writing. It is important to also leave room for writing notes. More »

To ask for a raise via letter, write a formal business letter that calls attention to the employee's job performance, cites personal achievements within the company, makes the employer aware of any changes in the employe... More »

The purpose of a staff meeting is to inform employees, exchange information and collaborate to reach business goals. Staff meetings provide the necessary information, tools and engagement that employees need to be profic... More »

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