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According to Editorial Today, a brother of the bride wedding speech is "one where a brother gives the positive traits of his sister." The speech tends to include past experiences between the brother and the sister from their childhood into their adult lives. In some instances, the brother substitute


A wedding speech made by the father of the bride should include the following basic elements: a welcome to the wedding in which he thanks the guests for coming, some thoughts or memories about the bride, along with some brief comments on her new spouse, and finally a toast to them both. The father o


MotheroftheBride.org and ElegantWeddingSpeeches.com are two resources for free mother-of-the-bride speech examples, as well as tips to create a custom speech with a personal touch. The speech examples can be viewed online or downloaded to a personal electronic device.


An example of a father of the bride speech at a wedding includes a general welcome to the wedding guests, details about the father's love for his daughter and examples of their bond, information about his thoughts of the groom, advice on marriage and a toast to the couple. A father of the bride may


The bride's father typically makes the first speech at a wedding. He usually addresses the guests formally, welcomes them to the wedding and thanks people by acknowledging their contributions to the ceremony.


Some things to include in a father of the bride speech are a welcome for the guests, some sentiments about the bride, and some sentiments about the new son-in-law. The speech should also include some words of wisdom and a closing toast to the newly married couple.


The superstition that it is bad luck for a groom to see his bride prior to the wedding ceremony on the wedding day can be traced back to a time when arranged marriages were common; the bride would be kept from the groom prior to the ceremony to ensure the groom wouldn't back out of the arrangement a


Wedding speeches by parents include anecdotes about the bride or groom as they grew up and remarks about how proud the parents are now. Many reference the positive change the son or daughter went through as the relationship developed.


Some things to include in a wedding speech include gratitude to the bride and groom for hosting the event, personal memories, advice and quotes, recommends TheKnot.com. Speakers should make sure the content of the speech is appropriate for the audience in attendance.


A good wedding speech starts with an introduction, includes a few words honoring the marriage and a backstory about the couple and finishes with wishing the couple well, states BrideBox.com. Speeches are typically made by the best man, father of the bride, groom and bride and then are opened up to g