A wedding reception is a party that takes place after a wedding ceremony where the bride and groom and their guests gather to celebrate the union. A reception features many rituals and traditions, most often food and dan... More » Holidays & Celebrations Weddings

For all practical purposes, a wedding reception flows however a bride and groom decide it should. That said, for couples who want guidance, there is a traditional, though not strict, order that reception programs often f... More » Holidays & Celebrations Weddings

Some ideas for wedding reception decorations are a chalkboard backdrop, tissue paper pom-poms, paper lanterns, floating candle displays and fresh flower arrangements. Some couples use framed photographs to decorate their... More » Holidays & Celebrations Weddings
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The superstition that it is bad luck for a groom to see his bride prior to the wedding ceremony on the wedding day can be traced back to a time when arranged marriages were common; the bride would be kept from the groom ... More » Holidays & Celebrations Weddings

Creating an order of events for a wedding ceremony depends on the personal preferences of the bride and groom, and any applicable government regulations, but it usually includes the entrance, the exchange of vows and rin... More » Holidays & Celebrations Weddings

At a wedding reception, usually the best man and the fathers of the bride and groom give the toasts. Sometimes, the maid or matron of honor and the bride and groom also give a toast. More » Holidays & Celebrations Weddings

Some unique reception ideas include lining the path from the ceremony to the reception with photos of the bride and groom with their guests and making the menus a puzzle that requires teamwork. Offering a dessert buffet ... More » Holidays & Celebrations Weddings