In the Middle Ages, a husband crowned his wife with a silver wreath for their 25th anniversary and a gold wreath for the 50th, as objects of durability representing strength of marriage. The meanings behind these two cel... More »

Symbolized by the traditional gift of leather, a third wedding anniversary is about recognizing the enduring strength of one's relationship with their partner. Leather is a sturdy material, one that is resilient and long... More »

The fifth wedding anniversary is the "wood" anniversary. Traditionally, couples give wood-themed gifts to each other on this day. If a couple prefers not to give wood items, silverware is the other appropriate gift for a... More »

Because the third wedding anniversary gives couples a feeling of resilience and durability, the traditional gift is leather. The type of leather gift is limited only by the imagination of the giver. More »

The 10th wedding anniversary signifies the couple's first full decade of life together and shows that the marriage is strong and enduring. Gifts given on this date include tin, aluminum and, more recently, diamonds and d... More »

A 20th wedding anniversary represents the serious commitment that spouses have made to a lifetime of marriage. The milestone is meant to be celebrated not just between the married couple but with families and loved ones ... More »

Good ideas for a 60th wedding anniversary party include a celebration themed by the couple's journey of love that includes photo collages of the couple through the years, slideshows displaying pivotal moments in the marr... More »